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INTRODUCTION - Through the course of our hobby, one of the principle goals of our reenactment unit, and as Living Historians, is to study the original history of the units that we most often portray. In our case, our namesake units being that of the 7th Missouri and 30th Missouri Infantry. Over the years, we have come to a greater understanding of these units, and there original history. Countless hours of research and digging for every possible piece of information available, has been made. Although far from complete, we have discovered that the general histories compiled by most, are nothing more then foot notes, and that there is a greater story to be told. History often times overlooks the average regiment, unless great deeds of Honor and Glory are obtained. Where as, we do not have enough room on this site, to share all that we know, we will try to honor our namesake, by the sharing of there history, on, at least what we hope, is a step up, as compared to most general histories.


7th Missouri (1861 - 1864)     30th Missouri (1862 - 1865)

Consolidated Battalion - 7th and 30th Missouri Vol's (1864)

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