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Higher Level Affilations

- U.S. Muddy River Battalion
- MCWRA (Missouri Civil War Reenactors' Association)
- 1st Federal Division

Other Federal Infantry Units. Good Pards of the MIB

- US Territorial battalion
- Army of the Ohio
- 1st Nebraska Volunteers
- 13th U.S. (Regulars) Co. D
- 25th Missouri Volunteers

Our confused friends on the CS side

- Cleburnes Division
- Third Missouri Infantry
- 4th Missouri Company E

Useful Resources

- What it takes to be a man! Women portraying soldiers:
- American Civil War Infantry Bugle Calls:
- TP&H Trading Co
- James Country Mercantile

Supporters and Friends of the MIB

- Alexander Majors House
- Kansas City Irish Fest
- John Wornall House Museum
- Kansas City Irish Center
- KC Irish Music
- MO. Mollus
- The Elders
- Bob Reeder

MIB Members Other Commercial Interests

- Gary and Sue Martin's Longaberger Baskets
- Irish Wink Photography

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