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April 7-8: Kansas City, MO MIB Spring Muster. Alexender Majors House
April 28 - 29: Wichita, KS Cowtown Civil War Days
May 19 - 20: Lamoni, IA Lamoni Civil War Days
June 9 - 10: Hulston Mills, MO Hulston Mills Civil War Days
July 5 - 8: Gettysburg, PA 155th Battle of Gettysburg
August 11 - 12: Pipestone, MN Pipestone Civil War Days
September 14-16: Hermann, MO Hermann Heritage Days
October 13 - 14: Brownsville, NE Bronwsville Old Time Autumn
December 1 -2: Prairie Grove, AR 155th Battle of Prairie Grove
TBD: Liberty, MO MIB Holiday party (MIB Members, family, and invited guests only)


MAX Effort - Top priority! If you only can make one or two events, these are the ones. We are looking to field a large 24++ rifle company or possibly two smaller ones.
Sanctioned - We are looking to field a solid 16 - 18 rifle company
Listed - We are looking to field a decent squad to a small 12 rifle company

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